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In 2023 the Kentucky Solar Energy Society (KYSES) launched Solarize Frankfort, a program to give Frankfort residents, small businesses, and organizations bulk-purchasing power to obtain discounted rates on solar installations.  Through Solarize Frankfort, 26 Frankfort residents have installed solar in 2023! Enrollment in Solarize Frankfort for 2023 closed in September.

KYSES wants to express our appreciation to our two installation partners, Pure Power Solar and Wilderness Trace Solar, whose dedication and professionalism were critical to the program's success. KYSES is also grateful for our community partners, who provided essential support to the program. This includes Apogee-Climate & Energy Transitions, the City of Frankfort, Franklin County Fiscal Court, Franklin County Cooperative Extension Office, and Kentucky State University Land Grant Program.  

Solarize Frankfort made investing in solar easier by connecting participants with pre-screened solar installers and providing access to bulk-purchase discounts (up to 15% off) for solar photovoltaics (PV) installations. Our two solar installers, Pure Power Solar and Wilderness Trace Solar, were selected for their quality service, experience, and competitive pricing, through an open bidding process.

Solarize Frankfort was one of three local Solarize campaigns supported by KYSES in 2023. Our three programs combined helped 166 Kentuckians go solar in 2023, installed 1,257 kilowatts of solar, and spurred the investment of $4.2 million in our local economies! Click on the following links to learn about  the Solarize campaigns in Lexington and Louisville.

  • Solarize Lexington - 2023 campaign served by Solar Energy Solutions.
  • Solar Over Louisville - 2023 campaign served by Icon Solar and Solar Energy Solutions. 2022 campaign served by Solar Energy Solutions.

The Solarize Frankfort campaign helped to make it easier to go solar by:

  • Pre-screening homes to see if the property is a good fit for solar;
  • Connecting people with our vetted, experienced solar installation partners, Pure Power Solar or Wilderness Trace Solar;
  • Providing a step-by-step walk-through of the solar installation process.

By going solar, you will:

  • Reduce your energy bill and potentially increase your property value!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impacts!
  • Help the City of Frankfort meet its goal of 100% renewable electricity community-wide by 2030!
  • Support local solar jobs!
Enrollment in Solarize Frankfort is now closed for 2023. 

Eligible applicants

Solarize Frankfort was open to all homeowners in Franklin County and its six surrounding counties (Anderson, Henry, Owen, Scott, Shelby, and Woodford), as well as small businesses, places of worship, and non-profit organizations. A 30% Federal Tax Credit is available for solar PV installations, to homeowners and businesses, and is now also available to non-profit and governmental agencies.

Each Solarize participant is responsible for the full cost of their solar installation, and all contracts will be solely between the participating property owner and the solar installer. KYSES, the City, the County, and other partners do not assume any liability related to the installation.

Be aware that some companies or individuals might falsely claim to be associated with this program. Solarize Frankfort will not come to your home or call you unless you have completed an Enrollment Form. And enrollment is closed at this time. We recommend you not provide personal information to anyone who might come to your door to talk about solar panels unless you have submitted our Enrollment form and can verify that they work with one of our installation partners. 

Will solar panels work on my roof?

Solarize Frankfort provided free solar assessments to help people determine if solar panels will work for their home, business, or organization, with no obligation to buy anything.

The assessments account for:

  • The direction your house faces,
  • How much shade affects your roof, 
  • The amount of space available on your roof for solar panels, 
  • If your roof is not an option, whether another location might work for the solar panels (your  back yard, garage or barn roof), and 
  • How much energy you use in a typical year, which determines how many solar panels you need.

If an applicant's property is a good fit for solar, their information was shared with one of our two selected installers, Wilderness Trace Solar or Pure Power Solar, who then contacted the applicant to discuss the next steps. If the property was not a good fit for solar, we let the owner know and the reason(s) why. 

Participation was open to anyone in Franklin County and surrounding counties (Anderson, Shelby, Henry, Owen, Scott, and Woodford). Enrollment is now closed for 2023.

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