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The mission of the Kentucky Solar Energy Society is to promote the use of renewable energy resources, energy efficiency, and conservation in Kentucky through education, advocacy, networking, and demonstration of practical applications.

You may have heard that Kentucky legislature made changes to the net-metering regulations. But, you will still get full credit for energy you supply to the grid if your solar installation is completed before PSC rules on the next rate case. Now is a great time to go solar!

Each year we watch (and fight back) as utility companies and their legislator friends aim to take away our access to renewable energy and increase our electricity costs while burdening our communities and the environment. 

In 2019, despite our herculean efforts to show that solar is working for all Kentuckians and putting Kentuckians to work, legislators voted in the last minutes of the session to pass the controversial net metering bill that now threatens to undermine our growing solar industry and undermine our progress towards a cleaner, healthier energy future. 

We deserve better; from our utility companies, our legislators and our Public Service Commission. 

Join us in Frankfort for our 2020 Energy for the People Lobby Day, where we will educate our representatives about how to reverse the damage from last year’s net metering bill, protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors from the ever rising costs of electricity, and explore ways that our Public Service Commission can really be of service to the public! 

Who: You and Solar Advocates from across Kentucky

When: February 11, 2020 from 8:30am-12:00pm

Where: State Capitol Annex Room 129

What: Citizen lobbying for clean, affordable energy and better representation in important electricity related decisions



Bill to rollback homeowner rooftop solar was passed by KY legislature.  (SB100)

SB 100 allows the PSC to change the rate for electricity generated by an eligible customer-generator (homeowner with solar) that is fed back to the electric grid.

Some benefits of net metering are excluded in SB100. The bill could also subject customer generators to multiple rate cases, one for each utility any time a utility would apply to change the net metering rate.

House Floor Amendment 1 fixed most of the worst effects of SB100, and deferred all implementation until 2024.  The Senate refused to accept the amendment.


We had good participation on Solar Lobby Day in February this year.  But it didn't stop SB100.

If you are considering a solar system for your home, installing it now will allow you to be grandfathered in with the better policies passed in 2008.  Act fast!

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If you have ever wanted to get more involved with solar in Kentucky please come out and meet the nice folks at KYSES. And click on the tab to the left to become a member! Your dues are used in a variety of ways to support KY solar. And do feel free to roll up your sleeves - volunteers are always needed and appreciated


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This annual event is held every October in several communities. You can find detailed information and highlights of past ones on our Event page.

 These are FREE events where participants tour existing solar installations to see how Kentucky families and businesses are harnessing free energy from the sun to generate electricity, warm and cool their homes, heat water, charge their electric cars, and slash monthly utility bills. Each tour offers in-depth information and direct perspectives from homeowners, businesses and solar installers about the costs, processes and economic and environmental benefits of going solar. Each city’s tour will provide a overview of how well solar works in Kentucky, the financial value of solar and real life examples of solar in action in our communities. Each tour will also include opportunities to socialize and meet installers.

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Learn about using solar energy in Kentucky and the issues affecting solar. Connect with other members. Learn about installers and solar resources in KY.  Take a look around, interact with your peers, and please join KySES!

If you are in Louisville, you can join the Solar Over Louisville campaign.  Visit the Facebook page to learn more about this exciting campaign.

KY's Department of Energy Development and Independence has released a Virtual Solar Tour of Kentucky! “Kentucky has approximately 10 MW of installed solar capacity. If people see solar energy projects working in Kentucky, then they are more likely to start asking questions and considering it as an option for their own homes or businesses,” said Kenya Stump, Assistant Director for Renewable Energy. The new Solar Energy Story Map takes a visitor around the state virtually to view different types of solar energy projects across different locations and applications. Viewers will see everything from agricultural to commercial projects along with state and federal projects.

One of our board members, David Butler, launched a new website, podcast and personal project to make a difference for clean energy in KY. Check out his podcasts and learn how Solar WORKS in Kentucky!

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